Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is a remote, previously inaccessible, bay located near Dawei in the Andaman Sea. Though resorts opened only a few years ago, visitors tend to love this place, its uniqueness, the surrounding natural landscapes and activities available.


If you want to spend the weekend away from the chaotic life, Horseshoe bay is the way out. Away in a relatively uninhabited island of the Myeik (Mergui) archipelago in Myanmar, this bay invites tourists for its calm and peace. It is a fabulous location that promises an unforgettable and memorable trip.

Even though the place is a little uninhabited, it provides multiple activities for tourists, like swimming in crystal clear water, snorkeling, kayaking in warm water, and boat rides. There is also an option for the hike to the high spot on the island. The island makes people feel welcomed with its locally grown food. The tourists feel at home with the hospitality of the locals, which is provided with the help of limited available resources. The island is very particular about its environment as well. It encourages its visitors to use refillable water bottles and follow the local ways of handling waste.

It is advised to visit the horseshoe bay for a couple of days. However, a one-day trip is also possible. Wherever you go, take sunscreen supplies with you. You will need it on the beach and while performing the fun activities.